ELITE FRIENDZ™ Lifestyle Club - No More Dreaming - WE LIVE IT
WOMEN 99% under 40 - 100% BEAUTIFUL™

The Art of Living a Relationship built on Solid Business Principles
For MEN and WOMEN who want to be treated Royally
Where ALL the Ladies are the Girls Next Door

Needs & Desires as a Business Relationship

Ladies find a Mentor to teach them Life & Business - Improve Current & Future economic status
Established Men offer valuable guidance for long-term stability
Meet and Share Life with Generous Experienced Men
Share time with gentlemen who don't play dating games.
Successful Men openly agree to helping Ladies obtain and maintain financial stability
Money issues are handled Harmoniously upfront
Live A Pampered Life - Be Taken Care Of Financially - Get College Funding Support
Experience shopping sprees, Enjoy fine dining and Exciting travels


What & Why

When "Different and by Your Design" is Important...
Our CLUB entails Arrangementz™ between Harmonious people where a financial consideration for shared time and companionship is proposed and agreed between persons in the Board Room before any relationship begins.
Upfront and Sincere relationship arrangements with someone who will cater to your needs and a relationship that is not necessarily depended on ever being married but may, one day, result in.
All participants get what they want and need harmoniously because it began in the "Board Room NOT in the Bedroom"™. INSPIRATION

The Inspiration

It all began in 2008 when WR made his first trip to Bogota. Keep in mind as you read that WR had been forced to grow up in South Florida since the age of 23 months from Detroit Michigan. Some people get all the breaks right… Latin culture was all around him at a young age. From the streets of Little Havana to the Mansions of Coral Gables and beyond…
Having grown up and having been to other destinations in Mexico and Nicaragua it was always a simple choice to revert back to the beauty and splendor of Colombia.
WR’s latin american trips to Colombia started in Bogota, on to Cartagena, Cali and then Medellin.
Yes there are many other Latin American destinations but once you arrive in Medellin… you too will understand.
WR has concluded that anyone from Florida or that has been to any beaches for that matter, need go nowhere other than Medellin, Colombia.
That’s correct, no ocean but a perfect climate with the awesomeness of the Mountains.
In Ocala Florida, the “Horse Capital of the World” WR learned that the earth/soil that is natural and unique for any USA region attributes to the extraordinary horses born and raised there,
WR perceives there may be something to the terrain mixed with the mountain air that similarly gives birth to an abundance of extraordinarily beautiful woman in the Medellin region.
After all wasn’t Miss Colombia recently awarded runner up and winner often in the Miss Universe title.
We are not profiling here, we are just describing the overwhelming evidence that even a caveman can attest to.

After numerous trips to Medellin and meeting many beautiful people and experiencing many extraordinary experiences, the idea to provide a unique service for others was born.
It started when one of WR’s newest Medellin friends, whom he met and rented one of her apartments for himself and a clients for their visit. A special friendship ensued and she requested that WR help her locate an American grown man as himself to share her life with. She was told to write her list of desires and qualities and WR committed to her to help her find the "one".
WR’s business and interpersonal pursuits began. It was requested in reciprocation for his help that she would assist in guiding other people who desired similar arrangements of Colombian women that she may know.
It has blossomed wildly to include additional procurement services in many diverse and eclectic ways. By the way… Congrats: she has found a man thru the Club.
So whether your interests are strictly Business (property, manufacturing etc..) Arts & Entertainment (salsa, tours, food) or Romance (companion or soulmate), that the growing team here is committed to your total satisfaction!
Come join us, decide for yourself, WR guarantees you will be 111% pleased or he will gladly refund your mediocrity!
We Invite You to Experience a Unique and Innocent Utopia that Exists in Medellin and throughout COLOMBIA!
CLUB Non- Profit Affiliation


We Support A National 501(c)(3) and your Donationz™ are tax deductable as applicable!

Similar, with a slight twist, to a silent auction fundraising campaign process.

Current Ratioz™






Harmonious Arrangementz™




Good morning WR,
Thank you for sharing your life experience and lessons last night. I was carefully processing everything you were talking about and after evaluating it all, started to apply it immediately. 

How?  By recognizing how my loose cannon behavior was impacting her sense of security, and how it then impacted the significance she showed me as a result.

This morning, I reviewed every page of your
website.  Already, I’ve asked myself the 11 questions, and feel I
know myself better because of it and I even feel better about myself as a
Best wishes!
Greg G San Fransisco/Medellin Apr. 2017




Welcome to the "Business of Relationshipz™" at the Colombian Harmony Club™

Where Harmonious Arrangementz™ are Discovered and Facilitated. 

REMEMBER - This is an Elite Friendz™ PRIVATE Club - NOT a Dating Site.

This is a Relationshipz Education Lifestyle Club. Basic education is complimentary, Membership entails dues and/or fees for personalized services. (submit request via email for membership), Upon acceptance you can discover the foundation for Harmonious Relationshipz™ first with yourself and then how to share your song harmoniously with others. The relationshipz™ you make as a club member are way beyond any dating experience. You may never even kiss, just start a business together or at least become harmonious friendz™. Club Relationshipz™ are intended to be life changing and for a lifetime regardless of their ultimate design.

Harmonious Arrangementz™ start like any business model with a vision and a plan where all parties combine efforts to make prosper.

Our Club's primary intention is to have fun, enjoy life, help others while also being an experience that gives you a measurable ROI. Harmonious people are always more prosperous in ALL they encounter.  The ultimate design is that you first become a CH Club member for yourself and consequently enjoy sharing it with others for a lifetime.


Donationz™ & Memberz™ Pkgs.

Donationz™ Change & Save Lives


  • Self Serve Member Contact
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Private Phone #s
  • 1 hour phone Coaching
  • 3 month Membershipz™
  • This donation level provides 10 Hours of Business Training for 25 Students


  • Guided Member Interaction
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Private Phone #s
  • 3 hours phone Coaching
  • Code to 11 Questions
  • CLUB Chat
  • 3 Phone Introductionz™
  • 6 month Membershipz™
  • Up to 3 days Playcationz™ Pkg
  • This donation level provides 20 Hours of Business Training for 50 Students


  • Assisted Member Interaction
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Private Phone #s
  • 5 hours phone Coaching
  • Code to 11 Questions
  • CLUB Chat
  • 5 Private Introductionz™
  • 1 Year Membershipz™
  • Up to 7 days Silver Playcationz™ Pkg
  • Video Chat
  • Exclusive Event invites
  • This donation level provides 30 Hours of Business Training for 75 Students


  • Exclusive Member Interaction
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Private Phone #s
  • 11 hours phone Coaching
  • Code to 11 Questions
  • CLUB Chat
  • Up to 11 Private Introductionz™
  • 18 month Membershipz™
  • Up to 11 days Gold Playcationz™ Pkg.
  • Video Chat
  • Exclusive Invites & Events
  • Access to Book*
  • Private Coaching w/Founder
  • Personal Founder Introductionz™
  • and more...
  • This donation level provides 50 Hours of Business Training for 100 Students
Memberz™ Types


  • This section is designed to be a guide and provide an upfront idea of members style, preferences and/or experiences. Pay special attention and have an idea of what to anticipate when replying to the specific member status. Be true to Yourself!
  • If you feel a member is behaving outside of their professed type, please help the Club and other members by notifying us asap. When a pattern of ongoing misrepresentation is witnessed the member will be notified, possibly suspended and may even be banished for life from club for misrepresentation.
  • As always any behavior that threatens the integrity of the Club or members should be reported and will never be accepted or tolerated. Be Kind To All...

(Example of abuse is a listed VIP member who begins arrangements and ends them quickly, much sooner than suggested parameters. He should rescind his VIP status and become a FastFriendz™ member instead and not mislead members of their intent) Simple!

  1. FastFriendz™- Member has a short term history 1 - 3 months at best
  2. HoneyMoonz™ - Member has a mid - term arrangement history 3 - 6 months
  3. VIPz™ - Members history is 6 -18 months as a rule
  4. Elitz™ - Member desires arrangement times of 12 months and beyond

Keep in mind none of this is written in stone or is a science but hopefully it gives everyone some insight. 

Remember always...  along with asking great questions - "Think twice, act once"

Something to think about is the quality of member you attract will generally mirror your designated and/or desired status. Be the person you want to be with...




Directionz™ 4 Success

Harmonious Arrangementz™: A mutual agreement between sincere people who desire to MEET, MENTOR and maybe even MARRY. This agreement is discussed and designed FIRST in the Boardroomz BEFORE Bedroomz™, after initial chemistry is discovered.

Starting a Relationship is Easy - Keeping one requires Wisdom





This is the essential play, relax and beyond your greatest wish experience.

The Club offers various Playcationz™ packages to fulfill your desires.

Keep in mind Silver - Gold or Platnium Playcationz™ packages are not available to all member types. Members eligible will interviewed in depth along with pre-Meetz™ and post Meetz™ coaching provided for the most Harmonious Arrangementz™ available. To receive details and code to access pricing - call or email club directly.