You guessed it, ALL 3 and here is why. As a Club we can be exclusive and design the policy and do fund raising to support a charity. As an Organization we propose to have a designed structure and share a collection of experiences to benefit all.

Ahhh and our Mission, of course; or why would we get out of bed everyday?

The most valuable of all 3 is our Mission to educate all lives we may be allowed to touch. Sound a bit to fluffy for you? Ok try this.

Let’s Suppose there was a Club that taught the Business of Relationshipz™ and all the people who choose to JOIN the Club/Organization selected to make a donationz™ to a affiliated charity verses a direct paid membership and a Lion’s share of that donationz™ went toward ultimately fueling the ongoing teaching and empowering of 7-17 year old children with the Sport of Business™. This powerful opportunity ultimately preparing them for winning in the “Game of Life” on a business and personal level.

In essence people making Donationz™ learn the Business of Relationshipz™ and  in the Playing it Forward™ concept money donated pays kids to learn the Sport of Business™ and obtain stellar Life skills! Still to deep?

Ok here’s the 1-2-3

#1 DECIDE to learn the Business of Relationshipz™?

#2 SELECT a Donationz™ = FREE Membership via fundraiser

#3 GET Empowered – Give Empowerment™

PS Yes All Donationz™ are Tax Deductible via STUDENTS to EXECUTIVES™ Reg 501(c) (3) #319541 Your Donationz™ receipt will reflect “Students To Executives

FAQ – Can I just pay for a Club Membership and it not be a Donationz™?

YES – Keep in mind direct paid memberships are more than a comparable Donationz™ amount for equivalent package.

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