It all began in 2008 when WR made his first trip to Bogota. Keep in mind as you read that WR had been forced to grow up in South Florida since the age of 23 months from Detroit Michigan. Some people get all the breaks right… Latin culture was all around him at a young age. From the streets of Little Havana to the Mansions of Coral Gables and beyond…

Having grown up and having visited other Latin American destinations in Mexico and Nicaragua, it was always a simple choice to revert back to the beauty and splendor of Colombia. WR’s South American trips to Colombia started in Bogota, on to Cartagena, Cali and then Medellin which has now become his second home.

Yes there are many other Latin American destinations to explore but once you arrive in Medellin… you too will understand.

WR has concluded that anyone from Florida or that has been to any beaches for that matter, need go nowhere other than Medellin, Colombia. That’s correct, no ocean but a perfect climate with the awesomeness of the Mountains.

In Ocala Florida, the “Horse Capital of the World” WR learned that the earth/soil that is natural and unique there as opposed to any other USA region, partially attributes to the extraordinary horses born and raised there, WR perceives there may be something to the mountain terrain mixed with the mountain air that similarly gives birth to an abundance of extraordinarily beautiful woman in the Medellin region.

After all wasn’t Miss Colombia recently awarded runner up and winner often in the Miss Universe title. We are not profiling here, we are just describing the overwhelming evidence that even a blind man can attest to.

After numerous trips to Medellin and meeting many beautiful people and experiencing many extraordinary experiences, the idea to provide a unique service for others was born. It started when one of WR’s newest Medellin friends, whom he met and rented one of her apartments for himself and a clients for their visit. A special friendship ensued and she requested that WR help her locate an American grown man as himself to share her life with. She was told to write her list of desires and qualities and WR committed to her to help her find the “one”.

WR’s business and interpersonal pursuits began. It was requested in reciprocation for his help that she would assist in guiding other people who desired similar arrangements of Colombian women that she may know. It has blossomed wildly to include additional procurement services in many diverse and eclectic ways. By the way… Congrats: she has found a man thru the Club.

So whether your interests are strictly Business (property, manufacturing etc..) Arts & Entertainment (salsa, tours, food) or Romance (companion or soulmate), that the growing team here is committed to your total satisfaction!

Come join us, decide for yourself,

WR guarantees you will be 111% pleased or he will gladly refund your mediocrity!