Harmonious Arrangement: A mutual agreement between sincere people who desire to MEET, MENTOR and maybe MARRY. This agreement is discussed and designed FIRST in the BOARDROOM before the BEDROOM, after an initial chemistry is discovered.

This section will outline the policy’s for Harmonious Arrangements™, Things to think about, discuss openly with hopefuls and intended as an aid to assist everyone in understanding their place in the Business of a Relationship™ and experiencing a Harmonious Arrangement™.

Before we get into the architecture and blueprint lets view the finished model or design. What does our dream arrangement/relationship really look like from all sides.

Keep in mind, most people have never defined the design of their relationship, they just do it – if it feels good, tread water and survive it, until it sinks.  Most people then just grasp for another life boat in the ocean of obscure dreams and fantasy relationships. Most relationships are born of fear not founded in intellect with no real concrete things deserved and the “no fricking ways”.

As you are reading… know this;

the founder of the club has had two 9 year arrangements along with 3 decades+ as a life coach. One of the key elements witnessed for success and harmony in and outside of the boardroom, with all clients, is how defined and solid the business of their personal relationships are determines their overall prosperity and peace.

Look we all remember growing up wanting the relationship depicted in fairy tales. This is where the princess is seeking her prince on a white horse. This is a metaphor and please don’t forget, it’s a fairy tale too. Did you ever notice they never portray the future beyond the lust and ether stage. What happens beyond the WOW? Did we ever get inspired to read that book?

The Colombian Harmony Club’s primary intention is that all members embrace spiritual realism™. The art of following your own spirit and heart with your head out of the clouds and definitely not in the sand.

To become successful in business one predominate trait is that one must become a great communicator.

Guess what – to become successful in any type of relationship – all persons involved must be willing to practice and become great communicators. This is not impossible but it requires open-minded-ness  and the greatest ingredient is to be a great listener too.

Unfortunately in many relationships there is a boss and the worker or worse yet is when their is a kidnapper and the hostage exists. This is NOT our idea of a Harmonious Arrangementz™, nor will we as a club ever condone this design.

Sad to say for some, this is all they have ever known or experienced growing up in their own family or viewed in others lives.  The unfortunate result is this becomes familiar and accepted and quasi normal. Unconsciously many individuals settle for this disharmonious relationship and lifestyle.

By now the founder hopes you are realizing the intention of the club is real and not hocus – pocus or just us coming up with a unique or cool idea.

Harmonious Arrangementz™ are serious business endeavors and not meant to be taking lightly if you desire the great rewards and ROI. Arrangementz™ require serious time, money and energy investments.

Let’s choose as individuals, together and as bona-fide members of an elite club that we will not waste or squander any of these valuable  resources.

Moving on lets explore and observe an idea of what a Harmonious Arrangement™ should look like. The business model if you will.

First to do is this, let’s investigate and discover the minds of potential business of relationship partners. Remember you can play fairy tale temporarily, and that’s fun and yes to play is healthy and OK… temporarily, but there always comes reality.

First off… Think? How are people inherently designed. What is their business DNA if you will.

We will start by identifying a simple one word, for each type person, concept. This one word is the driving force, motivation and purpose each one lives and dies for and this one word starts with the letter “S” for men or women and the one word is definitely not SEX. Knowing and embracing the one word idea is the KEY to obtaining a Harmonious Relationship™

Based on the founders experience and observed evidence, there are individuals who’s main drive and purpose, since the become aware, is total security. This is the Ying individual. This security we speak of includes all areas of life.

In essence no matter what happens in the boardroom, bedroom or life their focus and need is to have shelter, food and intimacy. This does not, in any way, imply it requires a Mansion with 5 Star hotels and restaurant accommodations.. When an individual receives security they will shower others responsible with significance – because it is a natural byproduct and occurs with ease.

When security is gone or fleeting, harmony is being disrupted for the Ying individual, pay close attention, they are in process. This is the preface to moving on or moving out in pursuit of security. Plain and simple. Hopefully they are capable of communicating their fears a long time before the business of their relationship is in bankruptcy and beyond repair.

Then there is the Yang partner, Their main drive and purpose is significance. They will give their all, willingly and with great pride and pleasure, providing all the security Ying individuals need and desire when they receive an abundance of significance. When they are surprised (not by material things necessarily) and talked about favorable to others there will seem to be no limit to there giving! However Yang individuals are capable of fears too.

Whenever a Yang individual senses being deceived, betrayed, taken for granted in any area or that they are becoming just another 24 hour ATM, please know this, they too are in process and they will be moving on and moving out… It is not personal, it is practical. Of course, as it applies principally for the Ying persons, there too is hope with advance healthy, open and harmonious communication prior to total bankruptcy.

We cannot tell you who the Ying or Yang individuals are in a Harmonious Arrangement™ but we know all individuals are primarily one or the other and that all harmonious relationships have the two different energies.

By the way, Yes you can consciously choose to embrace both Security and Significance, but remember we all have a primary and are born as a predominant energy. We often unconsciously pick up, emulate or practice the other inherent trait when striving to provide it to others and it can morph and remain seemingly a part of our own natural DNA.

So if only in theory go with it because: It just is and yes to be both Ying and Yang can be a bonus if other individuals are also… otherwise it to can be out of harmony & balance and thus become burdensome to the one giving all things alone.

Remember: It’s easy to be easy when it’s easy. we are who we are, when it’s tough™

Now lets cover the blueprint pr architecture of a Harmonious Arrangement™.

Like any opportunity to be a successful business or a great building, it begins with asking the relevant questions, both of self and of other individuals, but start with self first.


So now we have started the ball of communication rolling – hopefully it will be the inspiration for a more complete and harmonious guide for all club members.

Suggested ideas for starting of arrangement. Remember first and foremost determine the design in the boardroom BEFORE you fall into the bedroom trap which most people rarely recover from!

Here’s a formula to consider: The number of weeks spent in the boardroom getting to really know the individual on a human level and truly discussing life before arriving in the bedroom generally determines the length of the arrangement. Figure for every week spent in the Boardroom and not the Bedroom in the beginning the chances increases 10X that you can grow into a seriously harmoniously arrangement and share more life together.

Example if your wind up in the bedroom within:

  • first 14 days      = maybe 1-2 months
  • 21 – 35 days      = maybe 3-4 months
  • 42 – 65 days      =  maybe 3-4 months
  • 90 – 120 days    = maybe 6-9 months
  • 130 – 270days  = should make an additional year – beyond that – sky is open

I know many of you will say this is bizarre but hey, you do the research, review your own history. This concept is not science or written in stone but a formula to start you on a different path towards a and maybe your first Harmoniously Arrangement™.

If nothing more it could be a new way to talk about something different with your hopefuls, what have you got to loose? Remember we have all heard this… Easy come Easy go… But do you know the rest of that idea?

It’s the Colombian Harmony Club mantra, SLOW TO GROW, LONG TO STAY

Here is the 1, 2, 3

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Decide which type of member you desire to begin a Harmonious Arrangement™ business relationship with…Verify Member Status

  1. FastFriendz™– Member has a short term history 1 – 3 months at best
  2. HoneyMoonz™ – Member has a mid – term arrangement history 3 – 6 months
  3. VIPz™ – Members history is 6 -18 months as a rule
  4. Elitz™ – Member desires arrangement times of 12 months and beyond

2. Send/Respond to message or send a flirt to this person to express your interest. Be open and candid, Ask for and give answers to the 11 Questions

3. Have a business related dialogue (11 questions) online before you talk on phone or agree to meet in person (Understand first time meets are strongly suggested with an accompanying friend and also in a very public place.)

Sincere persons don’t mind when others come on a first meeting to establish chemistry. If the person does not agree to a friend along, and you feel uncomfortable, you may report them to CH Club™ and again, we strongly recommend you do not go alone for first meets! This speaks volumes!

Lastly, if you have any questions or want to discuss anything that comes to mind on how to improve the odds towards obtaining a Harmonious Arrangement™, Just send an email, the founder will personally reply to your inquiry! wr@societynights.com