First it is important to define the Business of Relationships™ and just what this means to all parties involved. Following we will also define for clarity, Harmonious Arrangement

Lets start by observing observed stages of a relationship on a human level:

1. People fall in LUST and that begins a fling… This is the initial stage where participants share the WOW that says it doesn’t matter “You make me feel great” and they fling each other other around without a care in the world.

2. The next stage begins the AFFAIR and gets a little bit more involved. Now participants get into the affairs of each other such as family ties, career history and may even include background checks, credit reports and current net worth etc…

3. The next stage is where a real LOVE can be planted and with proper fertilization LOVE will grow and flourish. This is possible provided the Business of the Relationship is managed appropriately for all.

When healthy management of the Business of Relationships™ doesn’t exist it will surely strangle the lust and love that brought people together in the first place. It may also prevent the ultimate desired reward or ROI of a successful relationship between parties.

One may now be asking, so where does the ‘Business of Relationships” come into play? Great question and the answer is simple at the AFFAIR stage and before healthy LOVE seeds can truly be planted.

It is important to embrace the “How to” start & establish a Harmonious Arrangement™. For  one to actually occur all individuals must begin on the same page and that is in the Boardroom and NOT in the bedroom.

The key to success is open communication about the Business of Relationships™ prior to winding up in the bedroom. Repeat: Harmonious Arrangements™ begin in the boardroom NOT the bedroom. Also NOT during dinner and cocktails or party favors either. Be mature, honorable and professional, agree on a follow up meeting.

If you are nervous or shy own it, but don’t ruin a great “Harmonious Arrangement” opportunity because you can’t wait. That’s what Tinder® is for..

This is NOT who we are and what the CLUB is about.

Yes we do offer a Hit & Split™ or Lust & Bust™ membership but remember our VIP & Elite members are Play to Stay™. These are members desiring more long term arrangements!

Please don’t abuse, disrespect or dishonor our VIP – Elite design, those who choose to repeatly… will be banned for life.

Think on this, who do you want to live as a Sprinter H&S (Hit & Spit) L&B (Lust & Bust™) or a marathon runner VIP – ELITE (Stay to Play™) Your membership will be known to all who view you! Remember H&H or L&B™ can upgrade.  Take Note: a VIP or Elite member playing the Sprinter way could be banned when discovered and reported behaving as such by our members.

In simple terms, don’t join and profess to desire longer term arrangements (VIP & Elite) and repeatedly end the arrangement after a short time! Change your membership H&S or L&B and don’t mislead people intentionally. Your membership status is your integrity.

3 reports investigated and verified by different club members (male or female) could result in lifetime ban! If the policy is to harsh, Please don’t apply to join, just to misrepresent!